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Status: Official

Several additional products have been released and are available on the OneBookShelf network.

The Alternative Skills Module has been released. This is the system proposed by Robert in 2000 when he edited the Concise Rulebook material. It was fully written, modifying the original work done by Gary and myself. It has been published as a legitimate extension GMs may wish to use.

The FED GDD Articles collection containing the original articles that were published in Generals, Dragons and Dice back in 1991 for FED RPG as we were putting together the game. This just adds some material to support the universe 1 that was in use by FED RPG at the time and helps build up released material around the original game which still remains the basic model for the modern FSpace.

The Conspiracy Convention Skills Guide has been released. In essence this is the skills section of the prototype rulebook we used at Conspiracy 97 convention when running the Alpha 9 Conspiracy.

A FED RPG bundle of ebooks has been put together which include some of the initial FSpace companion books to allow GMs to easily extend FED RPG.

The Aronhi Profile has also been released. A small guide to help extend the original FSpaceRPG rulebooks for for GMs to include them in the FED RPG universe.

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