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Status: Official

Well Net Rules 2.0 have been released.

It is one PDF which incorporates much of the former material on my FSpaceRPG pages over the last year or so, plus a few bits of fresh material.

In the next weeks I’ll update it to 2.1 including all web material relevant to universe 4.0 from my own site, and from other people’s sites.

Net Rules 2 is not really a structured rulebook, more just a collection of material.

I’ve decided not to release the Con 99 rulebook at this time, being more inclined to release more info into these Net Rules for you to use.

For those that have paid for a rulebook, you’ll get the 1995 version and a CDROM containing updated information to universe 4.0, 1991 FED RPG PDF rulebook, all the web stuff and various other goodies and computer utilities. A 1999 version of the rules will be forwarded to you at a later date on CDROM.

Have fun.

Comments and requests welcome.

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