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Armco is not one of the most advanced arms manufacturers on Terra.

In fact this Oceanian multinational seems to have largely lost the plot according to many NATO observers.

Armco serves to supply the military armament needs of the Oceanian member states, and as such has an exclusive supply arrangement with these nations, with a few exceptions.

It’s technology focusses on ballistic and nuclear ordinances, and as such has quite sophisticated products in these ranges, although slightly below the standards seen in America, Europe and Asia. This tends to mean Oceanian military forces are equiped with inferior infantry and armor weapon systems.

Since export by northern hemisphere manufacturers is restricted to many other states, Armco does see significant export revenue from selling it’s solutions to indo-asia, south/central america and african states.

Armco does have laser and plasma/particle weapon technology divisions, but so far weapons for these systems have been developed for niche orders for the few Oceanian military spacecraft (now starships as of 2171). The remainder of their products tends to be non-military applications typically spun off for consumer goods, or for mining applications by Selene Mining.

Given the short comings of it’s advanced weapon programmes, Armco are fortunate to have struck up a reseller agreement with ARES during the Martian Wars, and now supplies the laser and plasma weapons needed by the armed forces of Oceania.

Although Armco is unlikely to come up the grade in these systems in the near future, it’s partnership with ARES is both profitable, and provides Oceanian military forces with typically higher grade advanced weapons than is found in NATO countries.

Given the significant use of Armco designed Gauss weapons at infantry and tank/apc level, ARES has been co-operating with Armco in developing high efficiency powercells for Armco systems to bring these weapons closer to NATO spec.

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