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From what you’ve heard you might expect that the central Aratani corporates are paranoid, and you’d be right. They are so paranoid about high technology of theirs falling into enemy hands that they strictly license it’s sales through an extensive sales contract.

This contract stipulates that the buyer does own the items concerned, but is unable to onsell or gift them without express permission from an authorised SIL Marketing Department Sales Consultant. The contract specifies that if the buyer defaults on the terms, or looses the item, that they are held accountable for all damages as a result of the sale, onselling, loss etc.

SIL further states that the contract will be binding anywhere, irrespective of local laws, and SIL will enforce the contract through it’s security division, Striker Security to carry out all the liability actions.

In essence this can range from simple recovery or repossession of the goods, to interrogation of an unwilling buyer, to execution. Striker Security will carry out it’s duties anywhere without discretion and will use all means necessary to carry out it’s actions, including declaring full scale war on some government if needed.

Fortunately these contracts are rarely broken, and when they are they are often dealt with in an effective low key manner without upsetting local governments too much. Also the goods covered by these contracts often tend to be military in nature and have very expensive price tags associated with them, which often tends to keep buyers relatively honest.

These Striker Security contracts revolve around items mainly made by SIL, but also applies to many of it’s subsidiaries as well.

Items carrying such contracts include Pulse Rifles, EIS units and some custom made starships (namely those sold to the Daryne).

Surprisingly, this attitude of the Aratani is actually quite widespread through known space. The Stotatl sell no technological goods to outside parties. Nor do the Forerunners or does the Gildorph. The Coalition has strict export laws for technology, primarially weapons depending on the government of origin of the buyer. The Alpha Nine Conspiracy scenario is an example of expossing the truth to major trading parties within the Coalition breaching that policy with respect to their own regional political agenda.

The best technology the Aratani have that is rumoured or vaguely seen in the public arena is not sold to outsiders. Obtaining such would probably result in a declaration of war against the offending party. And who really wants to go to war with someone whose city defenses at Cydonia sliced 1/3 of the American fleet to pieces within seconds after taking the full brunt of a nuclear attack equivalent to 20th century stockpiles!

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