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Their is really no hard and fast rules for painting all the starships we’re about to do, but some do apply.

Matt naval gray.
Given the scale of the Battlejumper little else will be seen. Just vary paint job with lighter and darker sections to highlight what look like surface details. Treat like the Deathstar with less fine suface detail. One or two tiny red dots can highlight a few things.

Each ship is a masterpiece denoting clan, family etc. Similar patterns indicate similar allegences.
General colours are yellow & black
Variances in both the basic yellow and black exist. Yellow can range from brilliant yellow through to a burnt orange. Black varies from ash black, rust brown to deep black. Sometimes an odd offwhite and black variant appears, most notably owned by a family of albino Aronhi.

Asteroidal browns to dark greys. Colour depends on the origin of original hull. Highlight colours for technological details include silver, black, mid blue, reds.

Fluro puke green
Chlorans have no sense of colour style, and they like being as obvious as hell. They like their native colour schemes relating to chlorine derived chemical compounds. Paint jobs are for asthetics, and generally get burnt off during re-entry work. Metallic underlay is mostly silver metal, which is overpainted in the fluro puke green in a patchy manner.

Terrans - US
Washington and Baltimore Class have different origins in colour schemes depending on the yards that built them.

Russian - Baltimore
Green & white scheme used in Salyut and Soyuz programmes.

Martian - Baltimore
Green (darker than russian green) and black scheme.

Martian - Washington
Camoflague Gray pattern.

NASA - Baltimore & Washington
Typical white and black colour scheme used by NASA for Shuttles, Saturn rockets and the like.

Military Asteroidal Construction - Baltimore & Washington
2 tone naval Gray (not camo). 1 gray equivalent to Stotatl, one darker with black highlights.

I leave it to the creativity of the painters to figure out the practical ways of painting the objects.

Terran ships may be the hardest to paint, while the Stotatl and Chlorans are probably the easiest.

I’d like some volunteers for who would like to paint which ships.


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