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*** Army software targets stock prices OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - What if the same sophisticated missile technology used to accurately locate enemy targets was employed to find the lowest stock price across an array of electronic markets? If it worked, it might be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It does, and apparently it is. CyberCorp.com founder and chairman Philip Berber was a young computer software engineer in London when he came up with the idea in the mid-1980s. Berber, a native of Ireland, was helping to develop military and aerospace software for Systems Designers, England’s largest computer systems company. While working on so-called subspotting technology, the software used by heat seeking missiles to develop trajectory lines that determine accuracy, an inspiration came to Berber. ‘It occurred to me - what if the target was a stock price. And at that moment the light bulb went off in my head,’ Berber said.

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