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With the conquest of the stars in full swing during the 2170s by many of Earth?s nations, many of the NATO countries with huge space industries capitalised on this oppurtunity to gain some return on their own huge expenditures over the decades.

A Russian consortium Aelynov was formed in 2171 to begin mass production of the so called Alpha series space stations popular in previous solar system infrastructure (ala Alpha 9 space station).

These stations were sold to other nations, corporations and even one or two rich families for distribution throughout Terran space. Most were shipped fully intact from the Leonov yards above Luna to their new localities in other stellar systems by subcontract to the consortium running Medusa.

during the 2170s over two hundred stations were sold, and could be found deployed at the far reaches of human habitation. Many being the sole human habitations within a star system.

Often these stations in combination with fuel processing facilities and some construction shacks formed the basis of the waystation networks connecting important worlds outside the reach of the Stargate network. Where stargates were constructed, and the waystations business dropped, these stations were often moved to become the trafiic control and stopover stations at these Stargates.

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