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Stephen asked me whether ships/hyperdrive equiped bases could retain a stationery position in hyperspace with respect to real space.

The answer is Yes.

It can only be done with C or A type hyperdirves. GM drives use point to point wormholes and can’t really do station keeping.

Anyway small adjustments would have to be made to maintain their position.

The duration such a position can be held is limited to their power supply. A powered down vessel, with just the systems needed to power the drive is still a phenomenal power output, meaning a ship could stay there until it’s power runs out, typically 40 days depending on the design involved. Stephen was aiming at a longer duration to fit with the Stotatl invasion. The Coalition is the best best for being able to undertake this tactic for a couple of reasons.

The remnant Colaition tech from 300kya involved the use of powerful weapon and defense systems that required huge quantities of power. Yet the Colaition use fusion reactors today, which aren’t good enough to power some of their systems.

What they have is huge accumulators for power, designed to absorb enormous amounts of power. Such systems would be charged by large asteroid based fusion reactos, or solar arrays, or thermal induction engines dipped into gas giants, or magnetic tap tethers hanging in planetary orbits.

This has allowed the Colaition to retain relatively small warships with high fire power potential.

Instead of using the onboard weapon/screen accumulators for such activity, they could use it to power the hyperdrive.

If they’re charged well enough, a ship could station keep for months, maybe even years.

Station keeping would be most useful if you’re abandoning a vessel and stroing it in a hard to find locality.

I’ll talk more on hyperspatial technologies soon as they have implications on various things.

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