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This Canadian company was founded as a security solution providor for ADEPT business server solutions. Many problems were identified with ADEPT’s commerce server application modules, and ECI developed adapter modules with filtering systems and added security.

They have also developed many such filters to enhance older ADEPT processing or application modules to give them a longer market lifetime.

During the occupation, ECI were fortunate enough to be operating on Victoria for an extensive project on that world’s communication and datanet systems for the colonial government.

During this period they have consolidated their remaining assets and recruited many unemployed systems and network engineers to expand ECI operations in the field of security procedures for ADEPT derived application and processing modules.

Literally their efforts have provided security on the Free State’s ADEPT based military and civilian systems.

ECI are also investigating the phenomena of ADEPT’s alleged universal ‘God’ password for all ADEPT devices for purposes relating to eventual liberation of Terran space and it’s future security.

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