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This firm controls the Terran computer market with a firm monopoly for many reasons. First it manufactures most of the electronic components on Earth, it builds all the computers (and robotic brains), write the Operating System and many of the core applications in use. Furthermore it?s widely diversified into other electronic products.

It?s technology revolve dominantly around 3D superconducting parrallel neural processors, 3D semiconductor parrallel subprocessors and optical storage technology. Mass processing systems or intelligent systems use their processors in either pipeline parrallel co-processring, or neural network configurations.

Although not a major player in the electronics field, being more into medical and bioengineering technology, BioForge has ventures into the computing field by using ADEPT technology and it?s own bioelectric neural processors to enhance it?s cybernetics product range to gain an enormous market share in the Earth market. Speculation is high that they may develop an alternative computer platform, using a new operating system based on their proprietary cybernetic NUI.

Phoenix Research
This wholly-owned subsidiary of Striker Industries is known to have developed a biorganic neural system, and is incorporated into many of the cybernetic products sold by the Striker Industry Group. It?s technology revolves around high density neural tissue with dedicated neural pathway processing imbedded. Many believe this is behind their enhanced neural implant package (something similar to an implanted computer and hard wired skill jack).

Striker Industries Limited
This company makes the only computer known to be in direct competition with ADEPT, although they are only marketing on Mars, have their own OS, and tend to be ignored by most Terrans. However they do run all ADEPT software, and in most cases better for the same level of platform. ADEPT has tried to sue SIL over the so called emulator. SIL has so far ignored the legal suit, and does not operate in countries where such suits are brought into the court (several countries have thrown such actions out, no doubt in an attempt to undermine ADEPT?s monopoly).

SIL computers are purely optical technology. Their main logic board is literally an optical processing block connected by fiber cables to the optical dynamic screen, keyboard, I/O devices etc. All this is incased in a high impact resin encased in consumer grade Blacksteel. SIL guarantees their products for 100 years, planeatary impact proof at terminal velocities and promise never to release a model to supercede their current models for certain markets. Impressive boast, but one which has held up under the improvements in Terran computer technology in almost a century.

Robotic brains for consumer products also use the same technology.

SIL are also the reputed manufactueres of the legendary sixth order matrix computers, which can serve as either computer or robotic brains. These systems when large enough are known to be self aware, and such systems are automatically considered Aratani citizens and given full rights as per humans under Aratani law.

Although the Andorians and Mechs have examples of extremely high tech machine intelligences, many suspect that these sixth order systems may be better, and certainly the Andorians do not dispute that fact.

Blackstone Research
This once small R&D mining robot firm has bloomed into the pre-eminent Terran originated robotics firm in known space. It owes much of it?s fame to the use of nanotechnology in it?s robotic brains, forming the first true Terran AI systems ever developed. It?s market share is high in a number of key niches, preferring to stay away from consumer items, focussing rather on industrial and military markets. For a relatively small firm size wise, it has become enormously wealthy, making all it?s employees multimillionaires in only a short space of time.

It?s continued innovations are coupled with a healthy respect for some of it?s key competitors, and it has very strong strategic alliances with Striker Industries and ARES.

It?s areas of interest have widened into starship systems and medical technology, hinting that their nanoprocessing units may soon be featuring in cybernetic and computer products.

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