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JMC is the dominant mining company within the area of Jupiter?s moons. It specialises in the extraction of various volatiles along with tradtiional ores within the major moon areas. They have little direct competition because of their specialised gear that can withstand the harsh magnetic fields and ionising radiation of Jupiter in this area.

Selene Mining is a major shareholder, and JMC is generally considered a contracted subsidiary. In many ways it?s seen as an offshoot, but it?s origins are completely different from that of Selene?s. It was a private company spun off the American Development Corporation founded for the Ionian mines. It was privatised following the war with Brazil over mining rights. Part of the settlement of the war was the privatisation of mining interests and the issuing of shares to all major parties in the area, including Brazil and European interests.

Since then Selene has brokered deals to obtain the majority shareholding it needed to eliminate JMC as a potential rival, and for it to take over it?s own interests in the area.

JMC executives have recently been balancing Selene?s interests off against the independant mining firms in the Belt and even Mars to lessen Selene?s grip on the company and remove it?s dependancy on contracts with buyers through Selene?s brokering.

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