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Amongst Terrans the concept of private economic profitable organisations is a very strong concept. So much so, that corporations have become very strong within their economic system to such a point they often stand on par with many governments as far as financial influence is concerned.

Many Terran governments have instituted legislation to halt the expansion of such firms into dominant positions, or to discourage monopolies. Unfortunately monopolies have developed through very clever global business mergers, leading to a few industry sectors which only one corporation controls. Fortunately Terran governments have limited these companies from expanded beyond these monopolistic niches, and in many cases formed larger multinational unions to combat economic pressures excerted from such firms.

These firms are characterised by millions of employees and financial assets matching those of many large nations. All generally operate in consumer, industrial and military market segments.

The Aratani also have very large corporations, and their concept of government actually revolves around such concepts.

Top 6 Terran Alliance Corporations -not in any particular order

ADEPT - Amalgamated Digital Electronic Products and Technology
sector-computers, software, robotics, consumer and industrial electronics

Allied Aerospace
sector-aerospace technologies and products (aircraft, starships and space stations)

Drakken Kitanyoshi
sector-motor vehicles, powerplants, weapon systems, robotics

Selene Mining
sector-mining, refining and processing

ARES Development Corporation [Mars based]
sector-artificial habitats, global transportation & communication, weapon systems, security services, full multiple city administration

Striker Industries Limited (excludes operations of subsidiaries) [core Aratani government]
sector-large to planetary scale engineering, robotics, starships, weapon systems

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