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The fear of global monopolies and ?Big Brother is Watching You!? from the twentieth century may very well be a real concern. ADPT with it?s global monopoly on computers and the core of every electronic device on Earth is that fear personified. In fact the fear is real. At the point of the Stotatl Invasion Earth?s global linked electronics web crashed rebooted and had much of it?s key data erased. just as the Stotatl gained control of many key data repositories. This was no action of the Aratani hidden on Earth. It was infact the ?God? passwords built into all of ADEPT?s products. The executives of ADEPT made a unilaterial decision to delete sensitive materials, show their hand to the Stotatl, remain on Earth and bargain with the Stotatl over their (that being ADEPT?s) position and control of Earth. This whole episode helped shatter Earth?s defenses against the Stotatl invasion, and ruined the coordination of civilian resistance forces. Since then those executives have never been seen from again. Many suspect foul play either by the Stotatl, or the underground resistance. Many also wonder what other deviousness ADEPT was up to prior to the Stotatl invasion. World Domination - ie a corporate dictatorship governing Earth? Maybe now we?ll never know.

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