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The modern government of the Aratani is highly decentralised and fragmented, and has been in such a condition since the Mechs detroyed their civilisation on Earth.

The original government was made out of 7 distinct provences or nation states that formed a Federal style union. Each provence was governed by a small representative democracy, whose leaders sat on the council of the Federal government. A presidential style leader was also elected by the overall populace. Although the government was elected, it?s offices and department were really independant corporations contracted to undertake needed services.

The 7th provence was the exception to this style of government, being the industrial military complex, namely the Striker Industrial Group. It?s government functions were according to corporate and military concepts, which much of their operations used to support the overall government for needed infrastructure, military defense, and as keepers of the gifts of the ancient Arreans.

During the modern era, the old provences have never been reestablished, excepting SIL, which survived better than most during the Mech assault, due to the distributed nature of their operations and resources at the time of the assault, leaving them with a better ability to rebuild on Mars.

Given one of the 7 provences survived, the Aratani government has largely been handled by them, given they retain the Arrean gifts and much of the technological and military knowledge of the Aratani in the Martian Archives at Elysium which they established.

In matters which the Martian Confederation need to consult the Aratani government on matters relating to the Aratani, they discuss matters with the Aratani Government Management Office in Elysium.

Most Aratani no longer answer to the central Aratani government, nor participate in it, preferring to let the Confederation government run the larger picture. Government for them are their small co-ops and communities.

The Aratani have several major cities which are trying to reassert the old government structure, most likely as a defense against the Terranising influence of the Confederation government continues. The cities of Elysium, Hellas and Argyre are trying to become recognised as provences, to put them on par with Cydonia, which is the domain of the surviving 7th provence, namely SIL.

Some Aratani are pinning their hopes on some form of interstellar government such as a federalised version of the Terran Alliance to replace the loose government of Mars and it?s domination by major corporates and mobocracy legal systems.

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