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This Victoria based firm was under commission from the British crown to develop a colonisation programme using lower technology principles for the Uk’s own colonisation programme, and for marketing to other nations.

In essence ACC has built up a huge repository of older technology that was in the public domain, including many computer systems from the previous two centuries.

Although much of it’s work was not due for completion till about 2187, ACC has used it’s knowledge during the the recent crisis to launch many computer based products not reliant on modern ADEPT technology. For consumer sytems most computers are derived from late 20th century systems using the more advanced manufacturing techniques available on Victoria.

Although they have made many consumer systems and taken the pressure off vital facilities to produce military systems, ACC are trying desperately to study mid 21st technology to develop effective lower tech autonomous military computers for use in ground based autotanks, aircraft and defense satellites.

ACC has also been a prime reference for other data pertaining to manufacturing and the development of much of Victoria’s war time industrial development.

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