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Here a variety of powerplants used by Terrans or Aratani for propulsion and power on spacecraft without Agrav or hyperdrive technology.

  • Ion Thrusters
  • Antimattter version of NERVA
  • fission pulse drive (ORION)
  • fusion pulse drive (ORION II)
  • fusion pulse drive (Daedalus)
  • High Efficiency Plasma Thrust (HEPT)
  • High Efficiency Fusion Thrust (HEFT)
  • AM Thrusters (is muon rockets)
  • fission decay pile
  • fusion tokomak thermocouple
  • fusion pulse thermocouple
  • toroid fusion conduction and thermocouple
  • fusion core reactor (toroid)
  • positron injection fusion core reactors
  • Antimatter Reactor (large experimental appartus at the moment)
As an example

ISS Martian Explorer from 2050 was equiped with a fusion tokomak thermocouple housed in a NERVA propulsion assembly.

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