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Well Y2K is here, and another year of FSpace work has passed.

1999 has been a mixed year. We have been slowly working on the game with mixed results for meeting our objectives. Many of the development team are worn out by our efforts of the last several years, and probably a bit despondant about not getting the game out sooner.

In December we released the 1999 CDROM, which contains a fair amount of the material ready for release. We hope that this CDROM caters to the wants and needs of those seeking out FSpace material to use.

During this new year we hope to deliver more of the material we?ve been working on through supplementary CDs, hard copy publications and various website avenues.

I hope that you as interested parties support our game as we have worked hard to try and deliver something decent to you. We still have a long way to go, but I imagine the game will always remain a work in progress since that?s the nature of expanding the frontiers of a game universe.

I hope you can participate in our endeavours.

Have a great new year.

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