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This academic university has drawn much criticism in the past decades since it’s founding, being labelled unprofessional, unacademic, and an indoctrination center for devil worshippers.

The fears surrounding the teachings and research of this institute may evoke considerable fear in various Terrans, but most of those fears are holdovers from Terra’s ignorant past.

The institute was founded at the dawn of the psionic age for Terrans beginning in the early 2150s. It was founded as a training ground for psionic teachings, but also for applied sciences involving psionic sensitives, primarially in the areas of geophysics.

Many of the graduate students who stay with the institute are developed psionics who are studying the geologic nature of the North Atlantic region and it’s impact on the living organisms in the region. Their primary research focusses on the alterations of sixth order patterns in localised areas emitted by lifeforms due to geophysical effects present.

Although it is well proven throughout many race’s sciences that things in the environment that affect an organism will affect it’s emanating sixth order patterns. This happens more so with higher orders of life.

What makes most people fearful of this institute is it’s research into the occult practices and beliefs, particularly such concepts as leylines and other strange geophysically paranormal phenomena.

In essence their central contention is that Earth is a geomagnetic power source with an innate symmetry in which various sites on the globe exhibit increasing eletromagnetic phenomena which spark changes in local flora and fauna which can bring an active sentient psionic more in touch with the sixth order pattern of the universe.

Further descriptions of their believes wrap around many concepts about Gaia, innate empathic abilities of life, ‘the force’ and a myriad of concepts out of mythology, modern fiction and parapyschology.

Many rumours abound about an inner cricle of Graduates and staff actually practicing occult rites. However the Federal Bureau of Investigation has unearthed no evidence showing that any of NAIG’s ‘ritual rennactments’ break any Federal laws, and they are well within their rights to practice such rituals and undertake such research, given the fundamental links now associated with certain rituals with psionically controlled phenomena.

The institute also cites that other races are very aware of these geophysical phenomena, such as the plant worshipping dominant in Stotatl society, the desert spirits of the Nandina, and many of the weird practices of the Andorians. The Institute even claims that the ancient Aratani were aware of this phenomena, and that the key to ancient Aratani centers of civilisation (collective referred to as Atlantis in western literature) are these locales of geomagnetic power.

geomancy Ge’o*man`cy, n. [OE. geomance, geomancie, F. g[’e]omance, g[’e]omancie, LL. geomantia, fr. Gr. ge`a, gh^, the earth + mantei`a divination.] A kind of divination by means of figures or lines, formed by little dots or points, originally on the earth, and latterly on paper.

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