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This pseudo-christian Terran religion is mainly based along the western and Southern US seaboards and throughout Mexico and other parts of central America. It has it’s roots in Scientology, and shares many facets of their beliefs with some noticeable exceptions.

Although officially founded in 2159, it owes is formation to splinter elements from mainstream Scientological thinking since Aratani made their presence public to Terrans over a century previously.

It is a firm believer in the errors of scientific thinking, and has expanded in recent years to become highly critical of alien sciences, most importantly the age of the universe, the ages of civilisations and the place of organic intelligence in the realm of God’s children. In these areas it has not formulated a solid concensus given the overwhelming evidence available for long periods of time, and that not every race could be involved in an elaborate conspiracy. Some radicals still think otherwise.

Psiontology is founded on the the major principles that psionic powers are supernatural gifts which are bestowed by God on his children. Given the historical biblical miracles, Psiontologists do not believe that Jesus was the son of God in a literal sense, but that he was simply a prophet gifted with God’s heavenly spiritual powers, ie psionics.

Followers point to the rapid emergence of psionic powers within Terrans as a gift from God, as a gift for remaining rightoeous for so long, and as a tool to carry his wisdom to other races less knowledgable than Terrans.

Furthermore they point to the visitations of the Arreans (or angels) to the Aratani as a gift bestowed upon them to teach the rest of the world the wisdom of God and through out the demonic alien tyrants of Earth’s people at that time.

Psiontologists point out that although the Aratani followed along that path, they became decadant hedonists who betrayed their oath to God and spreading evil teachings amongst the other people of Terra. In his fury, God smote them off the face of the Earth, using the Mechs as his devine tool of cleansing.

Of course this view of the Aratani is largely supported by the Aratani’s own accounts of a destructive innundation of Earth’s lowlands during that time and the loss of all Aratani lives on Earth. Coupled with their psionic heritage, legends and christian like religion, Psiontologists have come across mnay concepts that in general cannot be refutted in far wider religeous circles.

For the most part Psiontologists are interested in trying to replicate bibilical miracles using their psionics powers, educating the fallen races (the Aratani, and Andorians amongst them) on the correct path to salvation, and funding missionary expeditions to backwards races to bring the word of God to them (or at least their version of it).

So far their preaching to other ‘fallen’ races has landed on deaf ears, with the Black Andorians generally laughing their heads off, the Gildorph looking perplexed, and the Aratani being the worst usually evicting them off Mars with as much physical violence as possible.

Certainly Psiontology is not thought of as a serious religion within the Christian world, but they have paid it at least some attention as it does fund some serious research into bibilical phenomena, even if they disagree with the conclusions from such research.

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