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Alliance Strategic Databanks

Aronhi Colony
Normal Gravity
Standard Oxygen Atmosphere
50% Hydrographics
4 million Aronhi citizens at last official count
Light Agricultural Trade

This was a former Farnargh Clan colony inn the periphery of the core systems of the Aronhi Empire. It has been considered a backwater for most of it’s habitation, only going through a boom time during early Aronhi expansion due to the world’s habitable nature and the star system’s once strategic position in expansion till the grade 2 hyperdrive was introduced.

Today it mainly serves as an light agricultural world furnishing mainly marine products with some land based exotic foodstuffs.

The world is often used as a resort by Clan members, or for conferences with other other clans due to it’s low key military facilities.

During the Stotatl occupation little is known about the state of the world bar several rumours about slave labour camps and death camps for Aronhi steeping outside the bounds of respectible behaviour towards their new Stotatl overlords.

What is known the world is guarded by an unusually high number of Battlejumpers and ancilliary vessels. It is estimated the system boasts a full Battlejumper Squadron and several support squadrons. Information concerning why the Stotatl have taken such an interest in this system and more particularly the world of Rarlnarrh is unknown.

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