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I’ve been asked to provide campaign and universe details in a number of areas so that people can take concepts developed for FSpaceRPG and use them in their preferred RPG systems. For anyone who has purchased or downloaded material for FSpaceRPG, I welcome your use of the material in any RPG format you deem suitable. As can be noted from various developers sites (even mine) we’ve been involved as users of other games, and even have tackled developing some conversion rules. These rules were developed more for converting material we as developers had done for others games to the FSpaceRPG rules mechanics so we could preserve the work done into our new developments. Although these conversions may look good, I do caution people about game balance. No other RPG can quite get FSpace’s flavour, nor capture the political or even technologic mix inherent in our universes. Only through extreme tampering with a commercial product will you replicate any of the significant elements of FSpaceRPG. FSpace Publications at this time has no direct affiliations with other RPG publishers, and would like to express it’s formal view that we in no way intend infringing on the rights of other Publishers by producing compatible material. Nor will FSpace Publications contract itself out to develop material for other RPGs except with the express consent of the publisher in question, or where the material will be used privately and possibily published free of charge on the likes of a web page, depending on the copyright declarations of the publisher concerned. As users of FSpace you have evey right to pursue that use as you see fit, but FSpace Publications cannot support you in those endeavours where it brings to bear a conflict with other publishers, or compromises the development of our own product. Thus we cannot comply with releasing material for our product that is either not in public domain or part of released commercial material, for the sole purpose of supporting a product belonging to another publisher in the marketplace. Feel free to discuss your ideas on this mailing list and the other avenues we have provided (such as the developers mailing list, website hosted by FSpace Publications, etc). These are the forums in which to explore your concepts and gain feedback from individuals willing to give such feedback. Some of the developers may feel on commenting as individuals on your work, or releasing further material into the public domain in an attempt to aid your efforts, and to further discussion about their own work.

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