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The mess that FSpace and the difficulties with Traveller prompting my withdrawal from the project indicates the unfeasible nature of participating in the RPG market unless operating under full commercial practices. Underfunded, hobby scale enterprises are simply not going to work beyond the efforts of the creator of the game and what they choose to pay supplier to undertake. The business is too risky. If I had a design company with a few full time staff, the risk would be easier to deal with given the commercial nature of such a business and the staff on the team. Given the cashflow of a real company could support the needed production quality it would be nicer. So for now RPGs in the commercial arena are off the menu. Each writer may do what they like with their project, and I as supplier will be happy to do things if paid. But I think we must all be risk adverse at this point. If things ever improve on the financial front (probably not until I get twice my current cashflow), I will reconsider all projects at that time. Until then, good luck all you budding game writers.

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