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Local Firm founds industry in New Zealand

The Aotea Centre, Auckland was the scene of New Zealand’s largest pulp expo (www.pulpexpo.com). This event also marked the launch of a local company founding an industry not previously seen in New Zealand. FSpace Publications is a niche publishing firm specialising in supporting the publishing efforts of science fiction and fantasy artists, authors and game developers.

At the Armageddon Pulp Expo, FSpaceRPG (www.fspacerpg.com), New Zealand’s first commercial book based roleplaying game was launched. One of the point of sale items, a typical ‘gray’ alien by the name of Gary managed to feature on TV3’s network news on Friday 9th at the end of a Doctor Who interview.

FSpace Publications Director, Martin Rait hopes to deliver more products to market by the end of the year. His aim is to source all the creative from New Zealand sources, and leverage New Zealand as a creative development market.

The company and it’s contractors will be offering their services in assisting local game developers lift their products to a commercial level and distribute and sell them through sales channels they are building with the launch of their own product.

At present a number of developers including Sun and Oracle certified professionals are developing an ebook ecommerce engine from which FSpace Publications will sell it’s products to the international arena along with traditional book products and ebooks and CDROMs.

Previously no native industry existed, with national consumption being catered to exclusively by foreign products. So far tens of millions of dollars have flowed out of the country. With the launch of it’s first product in this industry category, FSpace Publications hopes to generate export earnings for New Zealand as it’s products and services are delivered to foreign markets.

Like any startup, FSpace Publications is under capitalised, and is seeking venture capital from any sources that want to help New Zealand broaden it’s export base, and has an interest in combining traditional and new media as delivery mechanisms for such a niche product.

For further information contact Martin Rait, FSpace Publications, enquiry form

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