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Legends of the mysteries of deep space beyond the areas os civilised space abound on every spaceport, and fills modern science fiction literature. One of the most persistent sources of such legends stems from Rover sources. One legend seems to pervade Rover society and is told on hundreds of worlds.

The legend of Cha?ador so named from the central character in the story tells of a Rover who fled the destruction of his family fleet by marauding hostile aliens out in the fringes of the Orion spiral arm.

His ship apparently near the end of it?s power came across of spectral world in the depths of hyperspace. The world was said to be a desert world able to support life for brief periods, but full of strange hallucinations and ghosts.

The legend itself is full of strange tales of battling strange and mysterious creatures, while the hero Cha?ador struggled to get to another crashed ship where he salvaged enough fuel to continue on his journey to the relative safety of an uncle?s fleet.

The legend is full of lot?s of impossibilities, and many literary critics look at the legend as a well worked piece of fiction done very much in the style of tales such as Sinbad?s voyages.

The legend is kept alive because spacers love such stories beyond the rational but with a ring of truth. And it?s always helped that a cranky Black Andorian oracle by the name of Riilandor spoke of the legend once and spoke of an older legend about great majestic dead worlds at the heart of the galaxy moving among the stars bringing a mystic death to the unwary and enslaving the weak minded to the delusions such worlds offered.

Of course serious scholars have dismissed it all. But many hyperspatial engineering students love the stories and have tried to calculate what would be required to take a world into hyperspace. No solid engineering solutions exist because of the energy and materials required, but to a race beyond the powers currently known it could be conceivable. Many point to the many works of a mystery anicent civilisation in this region of space with skills beyond the current races as evidence that such a species did once exist.

But so far such speculation remains the confines of spacer drunken story telling and conspiracy theorists.

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