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Status: Official

Revolt Against Genetic Engineering

Founded: 1998

Membership: 20,000+

Originally founded in New Zealand during the late 1990s as a campaign group against the genetic engineering of food products, where animal DNA was inserted into plant DNA to give better consumer traits.

RAGE grew into a global organisation as many purists became outraged at the proliferation of gene tampering throughout the 21st century. Like efforts made by many conservation groups in the past, some RAGE members took direct action into their own hands, often resulting in violent conflicts with local authorities.

On contact with the Aratani, many RAGE members were horrified with the impunity with which Aratani conducted genetic engineering projects. Many violent demonstrations, acts of sabotage and clashes with Martian Police units were common around many Aratani facilities.

In 2132 several radicals went so far as to begin a campaign of bombing smaller Aratani facilities after a RAGE intrusion team into Cydonia was never heard from again. Although the bombers were uncovered, similar events continued for the next decade.

During the Martian Wars the American intelligence community identified RAGE as a potential tool in their war to regain control over Mars and strike a blow at Aratani resources. To that end, the CIA and other undisclosed agencies trained RAGE fanatics in covert military tactics, terrorism and other assorted military skill areas. With full supply support from American forces, RAGE became quite an effective terrorist movement against the Aratani.

Unfortunately for RAGE, the Americans didn?t win the war and RAGE were not prepared for sustained operations without a supply base on Mars. Eventually most of the RAGE activities on Mars were suppressed soon after the war by a protracted termination campaign by Aratani Intelligence Assassins. From 2147 onwards RAGE membership was banned on Mars by Confederation law, following a huge majority vote by the Martian populace.

Although thwarted by Martian efforts, RAGE still retained a core of talented individuals and resources to carry out effective terrorist activities. During the 2150s, RAGE turned their attention to Earthbound (and some orbital) genetic engineering complexes.

After many destructive incidents, the New Zealand government sent the SAS in motion to storm RAGE headquarters and other offices worldwide (as joint operations with foreign governments) to seize assets, arrest its members involved in terrorism, and try to shut down their operations. The New Zealand Parliament amended its laws concerning terrorism, and the High Court soon afterwards disbanded RAGE in 2157.

However, RAGE was never effectively shut down and operates as an underground terrorist movement today.

RAGE still continues to attempt terrorist strikes against the Aratani primarily, although many Earthbound organisations are still subject to harassment.

With wider interstellar contact, RAGE has become a political hotcake since it has carried its terrorist activities on to the races responsible for tampering with Terra or humans, most notably those who created the Daryne.

Although they frown on the Daryne, they realise that they are simply a product and therefore lay the blame on the Forerunners for leaving sensitive information around so that the Andorians were able to tamper with Terran genetic codes. Thus RAGE conducts terrorist actions against the Andorians, although with not much success in the Coalition itself since Black Andorian intelligence forces seem to catch wind of pending activities just in time to snip them in the bud.

Relations between the Coalition and the Terran Alliance have often been strained due to the inability of Terran governments to control such terrorist groups.

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