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OriginalType Extent of control of environment
1 Planet
2 Solar System
3 Galaxy
4 Universe (God)
The Kardashev classification system is used as a convenient method of subdividing technological civilisations. This is based on the level of energy resources that they are capable of harnessing. This system was used as an energy level that could be harnessed for interstellar communication. However, ISB uses this system as a means of rating the resource potential of an alien race at a particular point in time.

A type one civilisation is characterised by the ability to harness the energy resources of a planetary environment. They are also able to restructure planets, i.e. employ terraforming.

A type two civilisation is able to harness the energy resources available from a star. They have the resources of an entire solar system under control and are able to restructure their solar system.

A type three civilisation is able to harness the energy resources of an entire galaxy. They are also capable of restructuring the galaxy.

The type zero classification is introduced to represent developing civilisations. Predominantly this can be viewed as pre-industrial planetary civilisations. Stone Age or Medieval Earth are prime examples. The type four classification is introduced to represent a civilisation or beings able to control entire aspects of the universe. Many ascribe such a classification to a God-like being. However, the possibility of such a civilisation cannot be ruled out.

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