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Imagine as an analogy that our universe and hyperspace is an ocean with an atmosphere.

The surface of the ocean is effectively the boundary layer between hyperspace and the universe as we understand it. The surface ripples and undulates and has severe waves, etc.

Hyperspace can be thought of in 2 parts:
  1. Hyperdimensional space
  2. Exodimensional space
Hyperdimensional space is divided into 3 regions in ascending order away from the boundary layer. The layers are designated G, C and A.

G is closest to the boundary layer and involves the turbulence of the boundary. Here loops and trace paths form between points on the boundary layer. These are wormholes, ranging from quantum tunnels, impressions of black holes rising through hyperdimensional space out to exo, and those wormholes created by GM hyperdrive vessels and stargates transitting this level of hyperspace.

C level is full of clouds and knots. This is the realm of conventional hyperdrives, where pilots must avoid obstacles, and ?weather?. Most of the density in this region is impressions that strong magnetic and gravitational forces in real space leave in this level of hyperspace. Other anomalies occur as well.

The A level can be equated to high atmospheric flying. Smooth and not affected by real space phenomena. The odd anomaly occurs. This is the realm of so called Andorian-type hyperdrives. Exodimensional space is something outside the realm of current technology, and even the Gildorph.

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