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ADS systems were developed by Arntikar (the Gray Andorian Great Leader) during the war with the Mechs just over 300,000 years ago.

It projects a spherical hyperspatial rift around the vessel on which the generator is mounted. From the outside it looks like a perfectly black sphere, which absorbs all light and other electromagnetic radiation striking it.

The rift is an interface barrier into hyperspace itself. Thus all matter and energy striking the sphere simply vanishes into hyperspace. This is why it has a black appearance. Some observers think of it as looking like a black hole without the gravitational forces. Because of the nature of hyperspace, matter and energy as we know it here in n-space simply ceases to exist in hyperspace, being coverted rapidly into hyperspace equivalents. Thus vessels hitting such a screen are basically lost.

The rift surface covers both exterior and interior surfaces of the sphere, meaning that the interior vessel cannot use its n-space sensors, communications or weapon systems. Only dimensional devices and sixth-order systems/psionics work through such a screen.

These screens are not invulnerable to attack from conventional weaponry. The rift itself can only handle a certain amount energy flux through into hyperspace.

The relationship is: Eo=kEs

Where Eo is the energy potential of the barrier
Es is the energy powering the screen
and k is the relationship of shield efficiency to its surface area.

When the energy flux (treat matter under E=mc^2) is greater than Eo, then the shield fails, exposing the vessel within. In most cases, the generator will also overload and cause extensive damage to the interior of the ship. To have overridden the shields, the energy flux will be so powerful as to destroy the ship within an instant as well, if aimed correctly at the vessel inside.

Thus these ships are not invulnerable.

The average 30,000 ton Coalition warship with one of these fields is more than a match for a Mech or Stotatl mainline warship. With such defensive systems and other technology, these micro-battleships can easily annihilate forces at a ratio of 50?70 to 1.

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