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Status: Alpha

Produced as a joint venture between Terax Engineering and Anderson Yards. The T-birds are aimed at the commercial market as a viable single stage to orbit lander. They use hybrid HEFT/Fusion turbines and antigravity as their propulsion systems. They are commonly used as small craft for larger vessels. They are built for high speed transport.

They are specifically fitted to carry two standard Terran cargo containers to appeal to the cargo shipping market. Alternative modules to fill the bay are available, including a passenger module, and drive in vehicle module. Various specialised third party modules are available from various vendors.

This vessel is seen as a more versatile design than the Parker class which is in wide service.

Apart from civil uses these vessels are also being used for military purposes. It’s performance and module system make it perfect as an assault lander or as a support weapon platform. A number of Martian civil corporations use them for this military application, using them for civil duties in peace time, and keeping military oriented modules in storage for wartime use.

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