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Given that we need to expand the usage of FSpace RPG, which will aid in interest in the game, and it?s future commercial viability, I?d like to propose making parts of the game shareware.

Already elements of the game are freeware, being those HTML, Java and PDF files available on the web at the present moment.

I propose offering the 1995 rulebook as shareware. This is not th current rules version, but has been long established as the definitive rule set for developing the game. In combination with the net based freeware, enough elements for the game exist to run it quite effectively.

Why shareware?

We are soon to roll out a CON version of the rules that are far more extensive and set in the correct universe. Furthermore universe 4.1 is no longer supported (at least in my developments).

By offering it in such format, we enhance the support for the game, as well as indicate we need real support to continue a commercial approach to product development. It will also force me to launch further A grade products rather than relying on previously typeset material such as this rulebook.

Given it costs about $22 to make a 1995 rulebook physically, I suggest a shareware fee of $15 NZ.

I?d like to hear all comments concerning this idea, since I?m not 100% behind it, but have been considering comments made early last year concerning ?free? release of material via the web. You all have a stake, so I do not want to undermine your chance at remuneration.

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