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Status: Alpha

That Idea of using Java overthe net is going around and around in my head.

I think that you could set up a site to store and allow people to access the stock, Characters, Equipment Lists, Equipment Cost / Availability Lists, Scenarios / Campaigns. Companies (including the Budgets) etc. And create and edit their own.

It could be a way to get more Players & GM’s into the game, allow us to receive submissions for the stock rules. We could give credit for submissions that make the grade, limit access to the ‘basic’ equipment etc or any sort of security we want (like not allowing the cheap seats to print the equipment lists.) It is possible to sort of turn this into the centre of an online community (with Fspace Cash and Fspace Chat and Fspace Message) much later.

I haven’t looked on the web for the JAVA code to do all of this yet but it will start to come.

Could be fun anyway, and it would look sooooooo good on my CV. Andrew

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