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The Martian Explorer was the second SIOS ship built, but the first in the Explorer class. Built in 2041 it?s mission was to act as the main transport vessel for missions to Mars. It was to serve as an orbital platform around Mars while on missions to the red planet.

On it?s second mission stay in 2050 it was diverted to intercept a strange alien craft entering the Sol system and headed towards Earth. The Martian Explorer was destroyed with all hands lost during the rendezvous. To the credit of it?s crew, the intentions of the alien were clearly identified as hostile, and were able to inflict some damage to the alien Mech vessel before they were destroyed.

Pictured here is the Martian Explorer without it?s habitat ring, much as it would have appeared just before it was destroyed. It?s habitat ring was decoupled and left in Mars orbit to lighten it?s weight and give the ship more range, acceleration and agility for it?s rendezvous with the alien vessel.

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