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Hi all,

Stephen told me today that he managed to catch up with someone from Penguin Publishing and find out the kind of margins they get. Apparently they get about a 3% margin on their sales.

This is fairly low, and shows how little exists, and it takes big runs to make it really worth it.

May explain why most RPGs are done by self-publishing forms rather than through other publishers because the margins of publishing through others are just too tiny to cover the costs of the writing, design and illustration that might go into them.

Anyway Penguin was discussed as an option many years ago. With those kinds of margins and our limited market numbers compared with their own works, we’re probably ot of luck. And to be honest making a few dollars as the return for a world market for us, just isn’t worth any further time on my behalf.

I’d get more working a couple of weeks part time at McDonalds.

Thanks Stephen for uncovering that piece of information we’d wondered about for many years.

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