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Good afternoon colleagues,

As many of you know FSpace Publications has hit some stumbling blocks with regards to continuing it’s commercial development and marketing of it’s gaming products beyond the market trials we undertook at the beginning of this century.

It has been suggested to me by some very respected economic development academics and government advisers I know that I should form a virtual board of directors for FSpace Publications to provide the critical evaluation of my business endeavours, and provide realistic commercial advice on the directions and activities I am embarking on.

I am therefore approaching you as those formerly involved in the development and market testing for my products as to whether you feel you meet the calibre requirements for such a position, and would be willing to do so. Otherwise you might know of some people who would be willing to undertake such a role.

The board would be required to meet once every 3 months to convene a meeting in which to review activities and provide informed recommendations as to courses of action. This is critical commercial focussed job, so I am looking for those people that can provide critically, well-informed, commercially realistic recommendations based on their proven skills in areas of business, technology, events, marketing, publishing, design and ultimately game development and production relevant to my operations. An individual board member need not have all these qualities, but the composition of the board needs to reflect a good balance of these attributes.

Initially I’ll make the initial selections for the board, but after I get the first couple of members and they appoint an interim Chairperson, I’ll expect them to make decisions on further appointments.

The Board is not a formal paid position, nor will result in actual ownership and control of the company and it’s assets. It is a voluntary position, although members may already hold a vested interest in the products, or may develop such through on the ground activities if they so wish. Their is no expectation that board members do anything but participate in these meetings. It is up to them whether they wish to extend their activities.

Meetings will be held on a regular pre-arranged time and it is expected they make the time to attend without fail except where the chairperson deems their non-attendance within reasonable limits.

Beer, pizza and other refreshments, and possibly some entertainment following the meeting is all that I can offer for the services of the board members.

Of course all material discussed and reviewed at these meetings will be strictly confidential, and I will require members to sign various agreements to ensure my business practices, client information and intellectual property (including those by other participants in projects), is protected from people who might join such an endeavour for reasons of personal gain at the expense of this business operation.

In general I hope members of the board will either get satisfaction from helping a struggling export oriented startup, and maybe refine their own skills in what could be considered upper management operations for their own careers. In other ways board members might be able to secure work from my organisation for some projects, or collaborate in such a way that is agreeble and reaps benefits for both parties.

Anyway please let me know if you are interested.


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