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I’ve been involved with FSpace since 1991. At first I was involved purely as a player within the development playtesting group, but as time passed I began to contribute some concepts for various aspects of the game.

On the official side I’ve contributed to a number of important parts of the rules, namely Careers and Skills being the most significant.

This website contains some of my concepts that have not been fully fleshed out, but none the less they are documents which may one day be worked on to be incorporated officially into the game.

My official material can be found in the publications released by FSpace Publications or other subsidiary materials released by other member od the FSpace Development Group. Look for my name in the credits.

Please feel free to comment on any of my work, as I’m always interested in any feedback people are prepared to offer.

Look out for new Kuetques material - complete PDF for download.

Over time I came up with many concepts, but never pursued development of them beyond the concept stage, hoping someone like Martin would take them further. In some cases he has. But as with most things he left development of concepts in the hands of the originator of the idea, often meaning none of these were pursued any further.

My various moves, a serious flood and the inevitability of trying to maintain a large volume of RPG notes has meant nemerious documents have been lost over time. Most of this site represents what Martin has kept in his own archives. I do know that my German tank design for one design contest is missing, as is numerious Kuetques notes, including a full scenario. Since their loss I’ve never gotten around to trying to recreate them.

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