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In the past I’ve linked to sites other than our own as part of our FSpace articles, or links list.

This activity while good in it’s time does have a fatal flaw. The web is such a transient thing as information changes, sites don’t keep materials, or change the way the links work to get at it, or the site simply vanishes.

I’ve been reviewing some of my efforts from around 2000 to find most of those I linked to are now gone.

I’m working on removing dead links like this, but also considering my policy on linking to other sites in an active way.

Given the investment in time required to monitor links and keep things up to date, I think it’s better to not link at all.

I want to maintain a permanent record of everything of relevance to our game, and that means maintaining control over the content we decide to have. Thus if we put on a commentary referencing an external source, then a proper article must be written that can be self contained when the source we are referencing vanishes in the future.

FSpace as a website has certainly evolved itself and anyone linking to us will find things have moved in the decade I’ve been doing things. I want to make our site more accessible for others linking to us, but we have to evolve like everything else.

If others choose to have FSpace content elsewhere which happens in a community, then we need to make a mirror of that content on our own site to maintain a lasting record of that material.

I’ve seen that with other RPGs as well, and the efforts of others in the community scrambling to maintain an archive of all that has happened. In fact I’m actually involved in contributing materials from my Traveller collection to some of those projects in hopes some of these groups actually will have some form of permanence.

Anyway without rambling to much I’m happy to embrace integration with other sites, but I’m going to be careful about ensuring we keep a copy of everything.

Anyone care to comment on this topic?

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