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Status: Official

I’m trialling my new server today.

You’ll find it at


What is it exactly?

It’s my G3 running Apples Personal Websharing and using a Dynamic DND client through the service at dyndns.org. User access to deeper in the site is controlled via the Mac’s file sharing user structure.

You’ll find 3 major parts

1. Commercial web site development.
This includes various sites (including some of yours) under development or sitting their for reference purposes. Access to these is strictly controlled. Although you’ll see the list, you won’t be able to get to most of them, barring those that are replicas of existing sites.

2. FSpace Dev section
This is for you guys. At present only hosts the freebie stuff.

PLEASE let me know what YOU want here.

3. FSpace Subscribers Section
You have access to this by default. At present only hosts the freebie stuff.

WE ALL must develop a plan for what should be supplied in this section.

Let me know what you think.

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