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Status: Beta

I’ve found a suitable commercial service.

However the price rises to the point little margin remains at the current pricing.

In essence costs are $10 +GSt excluding inclusion of a registration card.

Packaging and shipping costs have to be added on top.

For NZ that’s about $5, and rises to about $15 for highest overseas rate.

However for our $20 inc GST for NZ, we are close to making nothing.

Stephen will agree with me that what we’ve done isn’t quite pro enough even with all the resources acquired. Basically my printer is crap (so much for $5,500), and we need access to digital colour printers.

Our ability to generate capital to finance further development of the game is somewhat limited.

I will continue to explore online e-sales of PDF based products.

Unless we can find finance to pa for completion of key book based products, then their production in quantity to give the desired unit price, I believe we’re sunk.

I really doubt anyone wants to back an unsupported product for long.


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