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Daryn is a world facing a balkanised government comprised of the numerious and now independant Orcok city states, the traditional Daryne villages united into a Kingdom, and the newly founded Daryne Progressionist Government ruling over the recently constructed starport.

Orcok government is left to it’s own devices, while the Daryne struggle with the concept of governing their people from the diverse backgrounds of locals, former Coalition citizens or ex-residents of the Forerunner homeworld.

The traditonal Daryne villages of the western part of the continent are ruled over by the recently ascended King following the destruction of Arsarot, the Mech overload the controleed the Orcoks on planet.

The Progressionist government on the other hand is laregly founded by Daryne returning from exile in the Coalition and Forerunner regions. This high tech brethren of the locals are more technologically inclined, and thus founded a starport on the eastern edge of the continent, far from both Orcok and local Daryne settlements.

The Kingdom

Since Kyline Darollsin ascended the throne, he has pursued a policy of maintaining the culture and sanctity of the civilisation that those Daryne who remained on Daryn built for themselves over the eons.

He has ensured strong economic ties with the Coalition, Forerunner, Aratani and the UN were maintained, but that trade agreements were reached which kept their lifestyle relativily pristine.

He has not stopped the flood of Daryne going offworld to learn technologic trades in the reaches of Terran space. His policy was for these individuals act as a foreign exchange revenue earner, and an active political tool to leverage Daryne interests with Terran governments and corporations.

However this may have backfired on him with the return of many of these people instead siding with the returning exiles in forming a Progressionist government at odds with his sovreignty over the Daryne on Daryn.

Progressionist Government

Those Daryne returning to Daryn from the Coalition and Forerunner space were not happy to drop their own culture and live in simple villages. They had seen the stars with lifespans longer than many of their partner races. They wanted that destiny to be that of their children and further generations, not on the back of another race, but at their own making.

They had a vision of turning Daryn and and the Daryne into a recognised interstellar political entity. Initially such a stance allied with Terrans would prove useful in removing them from under the mantle of their former mentors, the Coalition and the Forerunners.

They have built a city and a full starport with some light industry to support their activities. They have brought with them tools procured in the places were they once resided, hoping to use them to carve their own destiny. However these were never enough, having to rely on trade with Terrans for general goods, warships from the Aratani and high tech goods and weapons through the Draconians.

Since the Alpha 9 conference and it’s short conflict with the Draconians, such trade with the Colaition has been all but severed, forcing the Progressionist to reach bigger compromises with Terran governments, and even opening negotiations with the Daryne Kingdom about forming some form of unified government. The unification process has been a hard one, and so far little has come of it bar many frayed tempers.

At present the Progressionst are ruled by a council of ten members voted to their positions via a loose representative democracy. Several political parties exist depending on variations in the progressionist viewpoints.

Daryn government Divisions

The Kingdom at present do represent a huge interstellar political force within the Alliance. They hold enormous trade deals with the UN and the Aratani. Evene the Progressionists have had to use the King’s leverage with the Aratani to broker deals for warships.

The King has agreed to let the Progressionist deal with planetary space defense, while ground defense is coordinated between the various resident groups.

The progressionists hold most of the political power when it comes to personnel recruitment vy foreigners, use of starport facilities and maintaining an interstellar trading flotilla of ships.

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