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Founded in 2037, the insitute was setup to undertake indepth genetic studies of equine species with a view to develop robust global breeding practices and undertake studies into genetic modification to strengthen the genetic integrity of the species.

Like many genetic engineering initiatives it suffered a lot of bad PR, however the horse breeding and racing industries had been plagued by ever worsening horse flu, other epidemics and genetic abnormalities on the increase in the breeding stock.

Major breakthroughs were achieved by the mid 2040s, especially with funding from various government agencies around the world wanting to improve human immunology against diseases carried by equines.

By the 2070s the institute had expanded it’s operations to include study of fossilised extinct equine species and later in the 2100s began to include wide ranging minor studies into a wide variety of other mammal species. Some of this research is known to have led to some new gene therapy and foetal DNA reconstruction of equine species using some DNA elements from other species where various government authorities have sanctioned it following rigorous laboratory studies.

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