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The easy and classic way is to create a news feed.

Almost any site can consume a rss/atom feed on an ongoing basis, and will link to a permalinked page on your site when the user clicks through. We would need to do a bit of a pilot to verify the technologies potential.

But using a feed means that your content needs to be mapped to the time dimension, dribbling the content out piece by piece telling a coherent story, usually hyperlinked between the entries.

There is also benefits to allowing comments on the permalinked page, effectively it allows a community to form. Dilberts author Scott Adams talks a little bit about this in his latest post Humor as a Seasoning.

You can use feedburner (now owned by google) to record and actually host your feeds for consumers, even the permalinks the users use are hosted then re-directed to your site but can be retained under your domain (for me http://feeds.amateurlayman.com)

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