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Status: Official

Well so far we have a website www.fspacerpg.com that has a community submission section. Due to a security issue we pulled the tools to add content for now, but the full admin tools do exist behind a secure sub domain. I’ve since added link buttons and RSS to the site to facilitate syndication and linking.

We have a section featuring individual developers and did have a image ink to materials held in the database (been temporarily removed). We have member website pages which are dynamically driven and include non-FSpace content as well.

On the server I run a separate blog engine, but will probably abandon that in favour of a recoded set of tools using the existing solution.

I do have a webmail service running on the server as well which can be helpful. I do use a mailing list server as well which is used to mail developers.

Potentially with a upgrade on server version I can add Apple’s Leopard Wiki server which might add a lot of value. Or alternatively expand out the existing offering to cover those tools.

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