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I have decided a 230 page (rather than 240 or 260) is a more appropriate way to go.

The book we have it very adequate for it’s intent, although it does need white space, artist and some grammatical issues not addressed by editors fixed.

I believed I needed a rulebook with scenarios in it. However the plan is to ship a CD in the back. For now the CD would be a 2001 edition which has the Turram Encounter, Derelict and a number of other capsule scenarios already on it.

The other good reason for a smaller size is that a 230 pager cuts the cost of production compared with 260 pages.

Reducing the capital needed is important.

also 230 pages is pushing the boundaries of digital production based on a perfect bound spine printed and trimmed from SRA3 sheets, which is the standard limit of a Xerox Docucolor 1250. I’m sure a longer sheet could be programmed for use, but this is not normal, and we will likely be pushing shit up hill.

Even at 230 pages I’ve still got a lot more room to pack info into the current layout.

We will reserve all other material for other supplements. This leaves us with a number of books in existance that need upgrades, and several more books I could bring to market on my own by the end of the year.

Let me know what you think. I can be persuaded otherwise if others feel differently.

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