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Photo of Melbourne CBD skyline circa 2025 with the Arcology One Tower.

In modern times this building is the headquarters for Selene Mining. The building is a self contained environment and is a good testing model for them to build and trial techniques for offworld environments.

Although not built by Selene in the first place, the money to build the tower came from investment from Australian based mining interests in the first place - as part of the boom that has been happening since the late 20th century. These firms are the predecessors to what became Selene Mining, or what they took over in later years.

The building is located at South Melbourne (post code 3205, Melways fer: Map 2E, square H11), which puts it along Mantague Street - most likely corner of Montague St and Normanby Rd.

Final decided location is the northern block corner of Montague Street and Munro Street (a lot empty in 2008). Brady Place in the block was discontinued and the northern end of Munro Street between this intersection and the M1 was discontinued to make room. The base of the Tower with car parking and grounds extends southwards along Montague to Normanby Road.

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