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I was thinking about what I could release for free next.

And one of the book ideas I was never going to take further struck me as being perfect - Universe 3 Cartography .

More specifically the 2D interstellar mapping principal I used for the very short period that universe existed for us developers. We have some basic maps and basic templates used, they tie in with the written materials written about in FED Times and with a single page writeup showing why I did it, how it was used, and what I consider an acceptable format for those that don’t want to use the 3D system behind universe 1, 2 and 4.

It has no substantial chargeable value, but at 9 pages with cover/credits it is still worthy of being put to market and continues to put in the marketplace material we have used.

At a later date this concept might get revisited, spruced up and included in a larger universe 3 book and charged accordingly, but right now it is something that as a freebie can add value to the system.

It also gets us further exposure, can be of value to non-FSpace gamers in a minor way and gives back to the community.

And I’m presenting it in the same polished format as the rest of our materials, so it’s not a poor cousin.

It should be released before the end of the week.

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