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Well after showing a hardback volume of the rulebook off, some additional ideas have come forward.

Everyone, both gamer and non-gamer suggests getting a dust cover done. This would bring the presentation in league with other books. The trick will be to digitally print a cover and insert it into a plastic sleeve to form the overall dust jacket. The plastic can be just taped together, but I look into sourcing it.

Printing a wrap around cover is unfortunately limited to SRA3. I’ll see just how far that gets us. Printing beyond that onto what effectively is an A2 is about $9+gst at the best price I know, so it’s an expensive addition for short runs if I can’t use the much cheaper sub $1 SRA3 option.

Someone else (non-gamer) was impressed with the quality of the binding but believed the price could be dropped for binding down to the $35-45 mark per book.

And Stephen suggested the format is nice, and that other books need to be compiled together to make books of that that size so we can keep the presentation quality the same.

I’ve test printed some of my colour pages for the new full colour rulebook. Some tweaks are inorder, but overall looking good.

Either way we’re on track to show off something nice at conventions next year.

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