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Status: Beta

That is good to know.

  1. Source Material
    i’ve got maybe 60 or more books in electronic form from various d20 systems including D&D, Star Wars and Traveller. Having you own source material would be a requirement.
  2. Strength of Knowledge
    This is where the main requirement will sit, as put in my own notes in that email.
  3. Time
    Seems like you’re willing and have time.
  4. Play Testing
    Is only going to happen with a RPG group to do it. I am not volunteering to DM the d20 tests. My lack of experience with the d20 system makes me an inappropriate candidate to play or GM these tests. Based on the responses to the ‘playing fspace’ section of my questionnaire will determine whether we even have the numbers to put together a group or not.
Since you are interested how would you approach this project? What would you do to set either a conversion process or a port of some sort.

Let me know.

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