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Status: Official

During July the following products are expected to be released:

FSpace Scrapbook 1
A collection of articles and discussion topics covering things such a small weapons manufacturer, alien animal ideas, ideas around mass combat rules, large calibre weapons, a small North American arms manufacturer, etc. These articles are small documents released as part of older CDROM products, but not included in pending book products. Collected in this scrapbook to assist GMs gain some insight into the thoughts of the Developers and provide further universe information.
Expected retail price: TBA

Net Rules 1.1.1
This is a revamp of the 1999 era no frills rulebook that was distributed on Floppy disk and early CDROMs. At over 70 pages it is an ideal low cost solution for players needing some core rules to refer to for casual game play.
Expected retail price: US$1

Dice and Skill usage primer
This is a small guide aimed at players and for those wanting to see the base mechanics for the FSpaceRPG game system. It covers information about dice usage and how the skills system functions along with a list of core skills used in the game. And ideal reference for new players or prospective GMs wanting information on elements of the game engine in use by this roleplaying game.
Expected retail price: FREE

Forms collection 1
This booklet will contain blank forms for various things presented in the rulebook - profile templates for aliens, careers, animals, guns, vehicles, starships and robots. These can be used by players and GMs alike to record information unique to their campaigns or characters as developed by your gaming group. FSpace Publications encourages input from users of the game, and sending us a scan of your idea on one of these forms for sharing in our Community Submissions section of our website is a great way to get involved.
Expected retail price: FREE

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