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Status: Official

The 4.1 rulebook is now available for sale on Trademe. It’s being sold there for $15 NZ excluding freight. An Ebook version has been uploaded to the US vendors, but I’m waiting it’s clearance process to complete before they go on sale.

I’s also like to announce the start of the version 4.2 project. This is a revamp to go to a nice designer backdrop, nicer page frames, and a move towards full colour imagery. I don’t expect this version to be complete till next year.

I’d also like to announce that I’ll be working on the Ultimate edition book. This should be about 500 pages in size, include various colour plates and be a professional hardback bound book. This will be released next year and is strictly production by paid order only. I’m doing this for personal reasons, and to be a final copy of all the work we’ve done and all that I’m doing this year for smaller books. An ebook edition will also be released.

Expect lot’s of smaller books to be polished up and re-released this year, and others to be done. All are expected to be released in ebook format only.

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