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Status: Official

Just letting you know the progress towards migrating the websites towards the required format.

4 out of 6 databases have been pulled offline and have been replaced with PHP-MySQL equivalents. The 5th database powering your personal sites and the main FSpace site has largely been transitioned to MySQL but is not quite ready for me to recode PHP to work with it. Expect this to be complete within 1 week.

The user submission pages are no longer present, as they were designed to work with Filemaker in the backend. Functionality with MySQL for these, the Community Submission page and the enquiries form will not be expected for around 3 weeks.

This leaves my own website the last bastion of Filemaker and a mix of PHP and CDML (largely CDML). I’ll begin the job of porting this across after I’ve completed FSpace and your user sites.

The actions of this weekend of these changes so far as resulted in the Filemaker system not being killed. The avenue the attacks were taking involved forms and some other exploit in the XML engine of Filemaker obviously related to one of the databases that were live. Hopefully Filemaker won’t be attacked for the remaining duration of my migration progress so websites remain active.

I appreciate your patience during this period of disruption.

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